Open Letter


Mar. 2016

Nguyen Chi Tai (Mr.) – Position: Director

Add.: 115-116 Zone 18th, 1st street, Long Binh Tan ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vienam.

Phone: (+84) 907 877 412

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On behalf of TSC Insulation Trading Service Co., Ltd. I would like to send you all warm wishes with health and success.

TSC Insulation was established in March 2016 by an Insulation Team used to work in thermal insulation construction 13 years. With our qualifications, experiences, capacities and enthusiasm. We have involved to many projects in industrial of Food, Oil and Gas, Thermal Power Plant, Refinery, Chemical…


To answer the question what can we do for you?


Company Capacity:     30,000 M2 For Large area surface (Tank, Vessel, Equipment, Gas Duct…)

15,000 M for Piping system (Piping, Fitting, Valve…)

Human Resources:    Medium manpower 20 ÷ 30 manpower

Mobilization capacity 100 ÷ 150 manpower


1. Hot Insulation: Hot Steam, Hot Water, DO & FO Heating, Boiler, Gas Air Duct, Heater, Vessel, Tank…

2. Cold Insulation: Chiller Piping system, AHU, Gas Piping, Cold Piping, Cold Vessel

3. Acoustic Insulation: Machine Room, Silencer system…

4. Providing Insulation Material: Beyond being a Contractor in Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. TSC Insulation is recently known as a material supplier for local market.


We understand that the quality product and service bring assurance to customer and our reputation. We built up the procedure based on each work (safety control, working procedure, schedule control…). The products and services are provided by our company should help customer to avoid trouble and save money.


Some projects have been done by TSC Insulation in 2016 (Refer to TSC Insulation Presentation for details):


  • OMON Thermal Power Plant Unit 2 (02 main parts Turbine and Boiler).
  • Permanent  Insulation Maintenace package for Nestle Factories (Tri An, Binh An, Bien Hoa factories – AMATA and Bien Hoa 2 Industrial zone – Dong Nai Provice)
  • Providing Movable Valve Bag made by Silicone coated fiberglass cloth for Bel Factory.
  • Providing Manpower, equipment for Insulation maintenance package for Dai Hung Platform 02nd.
  • Insulation Package for Chiller and Hot Water System C1 & C2 Tower at Vinhome Central Park.
  • Insulation Package for Nam Phuong Textile (Viet Huong Industrial zone)
  • Insulation Package for Biggest Steam Pipeline at An Khe Sugar Factory…


I certify that these data correctly described our capacities, qualifications and experiences.

Finally I would like to thank you for visit our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support concerning to insulation work.




TSC Insulation Trading Service Co.; Ltd.